Do not bruise your knees
on the glass of melted
desert sand. You can
truly walk beyond this
valley to a welcoming,
warming sun, as winter
reaches out, embraces
you in soft white arms,
cools your burning skin.
When the Spring tide
returns under a bone
white moon the desert will
be released, become the
oasis it was meant to be
-a harbor for song birds,
gulls, crows, for the wild,
flying call of the loon
-a garden for colors
that cannot be tamed by
the eye, where only
weeds are well behaved.
A place to rest, a place
to heal; where beauty
stretches beyond the
the elegant fingers of
shoreline, and carries
you to a clean clear
horizon, where blues
converge and you are
brought once again to
your knees in wonder
at everything you see.