The sun beats down on tin roofs,
a burning fist from God – the One who made
the cactus flower bloom, and needles to protect it.
Two boys lock eyes at 70 mph.
The bronze one standing still,
surrounded by flowers and needles.
The white one protected by his blue flying carpet
speeding through the Rez.
A boy can learn all he needs to
know flying at 70 mph,
or standing still. A boy learns:
who is already lost,
who will be in the end.
He learns tomorrow can be a block of granite,
today is a ticking watch,
and yesterday belongs to the dream catcher.
A boy learns on the Rez:
He learns the future can be a souvenir,
a trinket sold at the roadside,
fool’s gold dug from his nails.
He learns tomorrow comes
like a blue jacketed bullet,
like a bronze tipped arrow
-like something dangerous
speeding through the Rez.
This poem is based on an encounter looking out of the window of a blue 1963 Chevy Impala near Needles, CA.
Rez = Reservation
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