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  1. Liberty of Thinking said:

    My dear Friend,

    So here you were:-)
    I am soooo glad you’ve found me!!!
    I’ll be reading you and following you closely!
    I was truly missing you on Agonia!

    Take care!


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  2. Yes my friend,
    I am very happy to have found your blog. Certainly it will provide me with hours of interesting reading.

    All the best,


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  3. I’m so happy that I followed your blog for I find this blog is a very good place for learning my English writing…I’m a Malay from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and my English is poor…especially now that I’m trying to write poem…
    I will try to find time to look into all your postings…

    …and thank you so much for following me back…and please do not hesitate to give a true comment..I will very much appreciate it… 🙂

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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some likes. 🙂

    I have randomly sampled some of your poetry. I am not going to pretend to understand all your verses. But that shouldn’t stop me from continuing to look. I liked The Burn

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  5. Poetic and interesting blog, Ronald! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

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  6. Hi, very nice blog, really loved it.
    Peace and Love, Sanoj

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  7. Enjoying your blog-except the Manchester United logo! (I’m Manchester City)
    But all is fair in football and poetry. Best wishes to you.

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    • I thought of the possibility when I read you are a Manchester native. Was hoping we could get past any hard feelings. Of course as a Yank I am a Johnny-come-lately to what has become the best rivalry in the EPL. If it is any consolation I do believe the wrong side won the Revolution of 1776. Too bad about Mancini, he always struck me as a class act. I am really enjoying your blog. All the best…Ron.

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  8. Nice blog… Although I’m not a poet, I love poems… I found this blog thanks to Mr. Brace…
    Feel free to check mine if you like normal articles… I’m not a pro though… I write whatever comes up in my mind…


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  9. You sound rich in all the right ways to me~

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  10. I spent my youth growing nimble scaling the quiet of the river’s edge. The lake then absorbed my transgressions of discontent and disconnect. A starry balm, humid and fishy. Now, when I visit family, I walk the canal….a watery bridge. My guess is you are a “transplant” to Rochester?

    So glad to find your poetry, Ron. Sometimes I feel as if I’m reading a translation from another language… but as accurate as the needle pinpoints of acupuncture and the sensuality of the smells of childhood.


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  11. Yes I am a transplant. Spent most of my life getting from one place to another, first as a child without a choice then as an adult out of habit. I claim to be from Minnesota when asked but that’s just a choice I made because being a nowhere man is, well, nowhere. Interesting that you are a native of Rochester…if only we could fully grasp just how small this world really is, more of us might take better care of it. Thank you for being so generous in your comments.


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  12. Greetings from Blighty,

    Thanks for your nice comments, on my poem “Symphony Number Nine” (on the site: I am not a silent poet). Enjoyed reading your blog!

    All the best, Paul (Sutton).

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    • Paul, your poetry is something wonderful and unique.
      I look forward to reading a lot more from you.


      • Many thanks. The Symphony in question is Vaughan Williams’s Ninth – which I’ve recently realised is a masterpiece – it sort of links to the subject matter, I guess! Anyway, delighted you liked it. I shouldn’t plug, but I’ve got a book with a NY press, near to you – BlazeVox – it’s called “Brains Scream at Night”.

        all the best


      • Always plug! I am very familiar with Blazevox. I will look for your book and let you know what I think…I’m guessing I will like it. Do you have a website? BTW thanks for following mine.


  13. No – I should have a website but don’t! I usually direct people to either BlazeVox or the English publisher Knives, Forks and Spoons – where I’ve got three books: “Cabin Fever”, “Falling Off” and (this year) “The DIversification of Dave Turnip”:


    All the best, Paul


  14. Nice to read your poetry. My MA is in linguistics.

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  15. Thank you. I never got past the BA. The opportunity to study language for its own sake is a privilege I was fortunate to have, a long time ago.

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  16. I just read your poem “The Weight Of Night” over at Vita Brevis and I just wanted to say that you really captured the weight of night in that poem. The descriptions you used are so dead on from deep within the soul! Well done!

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