Just Some Pictures I Took

trees on fire 1Bud 1evening wheatfieldgreen fieldpurple fieldstylized fieldPotteryLambs Ear 1sunset 2016-06-06 029A2012-08-16 018

2014-11-13 001 2014-11-13 002 2014-11-13 004 2014-11-13 005 2014-11-13 006 2014-11-13 007 2014-11-13 008


Filing system failure


filing system success

4 thoughts on “Just Some Pictures I Took”

  1. Hi Ron, You have some great photos here! I love the series of cut glass images. I like the color variations and the out of focus look that some of them have. “Filing system failure” is a favorite! I love family life! And “Filing system success” is my kind of filing! I’m looking at a bit of it to my right…neglected mini-piles that are slowly merging into a real mess!
    The bark and tree stump appeal to me and of course the flowers. You have an eye for shots and a sense of composition too. Thanks for sharing – Mary

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  2. stunners!

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