No one in my family
eats the cherry pie.
It is beautiful
there on the counter
in its white
ceramic pie pan,
all crimson and purple
encased in a glistening
brown crust.
People used to stand
in line for a piece of the pie,
any flavor, any color,
even mock apple pie.
lines for coffee and donuts
stretched around the block.
Then people stood in
line for cheese,
encased in white plastic
with the word
stenciled in black ink.
The cheese was a
kind of yellow
unnatural for food,
mass produced the way
cars have been since
What do folks stand
in line for these days?
WIC Debit cards
Lottery tickets
Medical care
Security checkpoints
Jobs, always the jobs.
I don’t need to stand in
those kinds of lines
-hit the birth lottery,
my parents did it
so I don’t have to.
My kids will only
stand in express lines.
Sometimes I get in
a line just to find out
what is going on;
though nobody
can say why
the cherry pie
is so unpopular.