…What if your eyes spin in their sockets
look deep into the frontal lobes
to see yourself dangling by the
merest strands of chemical bonds?
What are you supposed to think
of that…I am a chemical experiment?
Or what about the electrical impulses
that move the heart muscle…are you
really just a battery powered gizmo?
…You got up in the morning
and spent the day awash in the
elements of the universe. You found a
way through all the atoms to the ones
that matter. The ones that make up
your wife and kids, or your husband and
children, or your partner and black lab,
or…well, you know.
…The tiniest of pieces
might be the one to tip the scale in
your favor; may save the day, bring
the merest of smiles to your face at
just the right moment, so the love of
your life can know it is safe to take
a chance. Or what if that perfectly
aerodynamic electron fails at just the
wrong point in space and the plane
plunges into a fiery tangle of quarks,
leptons, and bosons. And the last 
thing you see is the God particle leeching
out of the skull of some poor bastard
whose electrons were perfectly aligned
that morning.
…And you are justified in asking:
what’s the point of it all anyway? Or at
least you can ask: what am I worrying 
about? There may be nothing but the fate
you have, the one in the sealed envelope,
the one that came out of the original
flash/bang, the one that has you
wondering: why me? why now?
why worry?