“Experience, Ground, Sky, Us, We, Mr President”
Lovely sentiment on this cold fine day.
…But turn this ground over, find the bones
of the many who do not crave the
tyranny of the few.
Hold this experience up to the sky,
see through to the other side of labor
-relentless grinding of wheels and 
flesh and spirits for the few who
spend the many like coins.
Pennies left on the street
where countless boots, soles
and heels grind the pavement into dust.
Dust that chokes the breath of the many
while the few live above the din and
ash carried on the wind.
The one wind that blows our
farms, cities, oceans, plains
into deserts. Our sky has
become Our enemy;
tortured by We the people.
Roused to defend its world
from Our world.
Who can defeat the sky?
Yes we go to our homes
under one sky
– once “plum blush” now red from lust
-Our lust, the few, the many, the People