A Question Of Loyalty 
Loyalty to what?
…to a rag of certain colors?
What could be more ridiculous?
…to ideas?
Even one idea is never the
same from host to host
-multiplied they are insane.
…to a self? As in
“To thine…”?
What is this self?
Music that flows
like water. Play
one note and call
it a symphony?
Drink one drop,
call it the ocean?
-the most absurd of all.
Rags, ideas, selves
are not to be trusted.
Life is not to be trusted.
It always ends in betrayal.
Be loyal to your death,
the only thing that is sure.
Do not welcome it. Do not
seek it, but still, keep it
close, to remind you…
Dark Walk In A Garden
The scent of sacred lily tea
recalls when possibility was
once a copper fire.
Monkshood shimmers,
recalling prayers and
sin; glimmers in the
gray on a rainless day
as clouds come down
in layers.
Nightshade brings its
dreams, nocturnal and
eternal alike; and now
in spirit with the Montague
I must choose between
the two…
The expanse of the sky is for you.
What more can be asked, yet ask
you will, we will…and ask again…
Too much Bukowski
is hard on the soul.
 : http://youtu.be/GcMjTDn-8bQ