…the unfortunate gardeners,
you know, those Mexican men
who keep finding their way back,
see them better than most.
Sure it has something to do with proximity,
but really their vision is sharper, honed
by years of living in a foreign language,
staying one thought ahead of coyotes,
border patrol, ICE agents, and employers
who think brown people work for cheap
because, well what choice do they have?
And that’s no fallacy, just the way
it is for some people. Even some white
people are beginning to see through brown
eyes. You know, the ones flipping burgers,
stocking shelves, cleaning houses;
a lot of those folks are learning Spanish
from coworkers. Another thing that’s
not a fallacy – it is a brown world out
there my friend. The color wheel is
turning. Someday the slaves
will own the garment district,
What then? How much are you willing
to pay for designer jeans? One of
those small brown bodies sweating
over a sewing machine will be the
next big name in Fashion. It is already
happening in Thailand. Seems to me
the only people who still believe in
fallacious arguments just aren’t
paying attention to the right people.
The next time the brown men come
to weed your garden ask one of them to show
you the proper way to dig out a fallacy,
and remember to say “gracias compadre.”