“The warrior’s nobility is like a prostitute’s smile, the truth of which is self-interest.”
― Georges BatailleInner Experience
Sobs don’t come because the sex is good.
It is bad news for the pimp if his girls are laughing.
It means they don’t take the game seriously,
or even him, in his cream suit with matching socks,
but always the black hat and shoes.
Though really the whore’s life is no laughing matter.
It’s tough but someone has to entertain the troops,
keep the boys marching like men who can’t see the meat grinder.
Sometimes the boys whisper French into a girl’s ear,
it seems to make them more pliable, but of course
it only seems that way, a trick of the imagination.
Like the chaplain’s sermon makes it easier to die for the cause.
They pray he’s right but really it’s just a trick,
a way to keep from crying because the sex is good.