They are called Starlight Tours.
Given on the coldest nights in Saskatoon.
Police pick up a drunk,
First Nations People mostly,
maybe throw an elbow, or the butt of a club in the gut,
then he is handcuffed, thrown into the backseat,
driven out past the power station
maybe knocked around a little more,
depends on how much he protests,
and left to find his way back to town
in the dark, in the cold, in the snow
sometimes with shoes and a jacket
sometimes not.

Later when the body is found stiff and frozen to the ground
lips black with frostbite,
nose split, a broken lump on his purple swollen face
we are told just another drunk Indian
who couldn’t find his way back home
so he froze to death.
That’s the official explanation.
Well actually it is ruled an accidental death,
but we know what they mean.
Neil Stonechild was not an ignorant person.
Oh for sure he was drunk
but even drunk the kid had more sense
than to go out with his summer shoes on.