The fish have begun mutating.

You have gone vegan, macrobiotic,
you want to live forever.

Radiation has washed up on the shore.

Cycling is the rage for immortals.
You ride a Santa Cruz, it is the cycle of California.
Your water is filtered.

Soon it will glow.

At the frappe stand someone says “Fukushima,”
an exotic epithet?
Your new Volvo will take you wherever you want to go.

Scuttlers, scavengers are dying en masse.
There is nothing left to breathe.

Freeze the ground, build lead walls.
It will rain, cold steel rain.

You have been made a partner.
You have business in Denmark. Your wife wants to go to Amsterdam.
You will get a work visa, stay there. Get out if you can is the solution.
Send your children and grandchildren to Denmark.
They are refugees. They are white.

No one understands the message in the bottle.

Today you saw your first mermaid – beautiful. Is this the result?
When they sing time stops.
The sun will shine for five billion years.

Siren songs fill the air.