Thank you Sylvia for thinking of me when you passed on the award.

This is all I can do to play along but for me this is the important part…

Three things about me:
I drink too much wine, but I don't care.
I am desperate for good friendship.
I know what I don't know.
My questions to the nominees I nominated:

1) Where did your last journey lead you? / Where did you go?
*My last journey was into the hospital to have my hips replaced.
Since then I have lived inside my poems, stories and photographs.
The journey has taken me to a place inside where I am finding
that perhaps a true artist resides.

2) Do you know what your heart desires? / Do you know what your
heart is longing for?
*This one is easy. My heart desires the love of my small family.
My heart desires deep, abiding friendship. My heart desires creativity.
3) When was the last time you smiled at a stranger / stranger just
like that? // When did you go to a stranger the last time?
*I smiled at a stranger the last time I saw one. I would not have
spoken first because I am an introvert but when she asked me how
I was we began a very nice conversation. 

4) Do you look more on your mobile phone than on your surroundings
in the subway, bus, tram, train, park bench - somewhere in the
public space? - When you're in public (subway, bus, train,
on a park-bench ...) Are you looking at your cellphone?
*I only look at my phone for the time or if I have a message or if I am
reading a book on it. Mostly it stays in my pocket. I never answer
a message or unimportant phone call if I am speaking to someone or
eating a meal with others.

5) Do you often dream? / Do you dream often?
*I am a real daydreamer. My mind wanders off in random unpredictable ways,
well, I know it's not really random but it seems that way. I mostly
dream about what the future holds, or about being an artist,
or a famous footballer (it's true). Too often I go into my past where I
find almost nothing but regret. I know I dream at night but I rarely
remember my dreams when I wake up.