This tax bill is a white-hot poker sliding up the ass of the underclass,
and let’s face it we are all of us standing in that queue.
The Big Men in the Big Towers are placing the last few bricks in the wall
between their world and ours – one is a place of wonders, clean, shining white,
the other is the wrong side of town where everyone becomes a two-tone mutt.
They are pulling up the bridge. They are killing us slowly with Medicare cuts.
We are cutting our own throats by letting them steal what’s left after taxes.
What’s that you say? You say you want a Revolution? Well it’s too late baby.
We are prisoners of poverty and ignorance. Our Warden was freely chosen
by the inmates in the asylum. Our jailers and guards are the Pharisees.
All that was needed to defeat them was to have some poor bastard crucified
so a new religion could start the cycle all over again. Any volunteers?
Don’t fool yourself, you and me, We, are being diminished.
This tax bill is a message that cannot be misunderstood.