…returning to the subject of the starving child video.
I am still an overweight overindulged WM.
That starving child is dead and others will follow.
It is the dichotomy between us that plagues my mind.
The dissonance is unbearable without meds, wine, sex.
Thank God for our pornographic culture.

The scene was offered, “Watch this child die from starvation.”
Unable to watch, I stared at the image of the child frozen in the frame,
curled into the fetal position, bulging eyes incredibly large, blank.
There was, there is, nothing in my being that would enable me to watch
another human die like this. So I left the room to catch my breath and
get the clichéd shot of booze. It burned and churned in my stomach
so that I thought of nothing else. A Distraction I could chase more often.

Like a mirage the distraction lasts only as long as you believe in it.
Soon the image of that dying child emerges from the fog of diversion.
Soon the image demands attention, a stance in the world, action.
Soon the questions of character, moral fiber, of will, are asked.
Clarity and answers do not come from the thin air of imagination.
The world instantiates imagination in all its glory and horror.
The answers are there, in the world, in action and its ripples in time.

The gulf has to be bridged.
The starving child is not an image to ignore.
Diversion leads to insanity, the evidence abounds.
Clarity is the antidote, evidence abounds.
That child is a challenge to the imagination.
That child is a challenge to a broken world and its broken people.
Summon the will to protect the weakest, summon the will