My dog is old. His legs are going.
Soon he won’t be able to support himself,
and when he can no longer stand, well…,
but for now he is still standing. Even more,
he insists on daily walks no matter the weather.
It’s only two short blocks a day but it could be a marathon.

People are having babies, adopting pets, life is ongoing.
With houses, cars and all that we buy into,
the jobs, leases and all we sign onto, life is ongoing.
With credit and debt, love and grief,
questions and answers clouded in doubt, that hollow feeling,
the dread that we are in this alone, still, life is ongoing.
How do we drag these anchors behind us?

It’s been raining a long time,
I hoped a good soaking rain might bring us to our senses,
I just don’t know.
I wonder if we can stand the shock.
When we go out my dog keeps his nose to the ground.
He doesn’t seem to notice the rain or even the pain,
He walks as if the anchor is just a thing to drag,
as if it’s all about the marathon, one block at a time.