States of Mind:

Since I was a child, I have lived like a drunkard
ascending the stair of happiness on a beam of light
animated by the Mixolydian scale,
…it’s how I learned whatever I know.

Is there a crux here, a fact of the matter, something like a payoff?
Is there an end to what we can know?
Is the universe out there trying to tell us something?
Or is this stare into nothing preparation for what’s to come?

We are at heart strangers, waiting,
in a universe conceived without us in mind.

Perfection is out of the question, still,
there is no end to what we can learn.

It is good to love the past, with its unbearable weight
that teaches us nothing, asks for nothing in return.

It is good to love the future, with its unbreakable pull
taking us forward, telling us nothing,