A Theology of Love

It is so much easier to think of the quicksilver of our lives,
to cherish what we have, love each detail in full light,
than to think of traveling through the black sky, a streak of light,
a breath in a vacuum, with no visible way to the end in sight.

So, I imagine the cosmos, as I imagine the future, parallel lines,
vanishing into heaven’s dark tunnel, to a point where lines converge in light.
I imagine that light, in all its fullness, revealing us, in all our infinite detail,
and, I imagine finally understanding love.

True Love

You tell yourself,
the cold and gray falling from the sky,
are just the weather, not your life, for that,
you listen to your bones.

I have the disposition for religion.
My bones tell me love is the key,
though, I try to live
without dogma and theology,
as best I can.

As it happens,
we can’t turn back,
“For better or worse,”
you tell yourself.
“love what you are.”