Space between them
She suggests letting time pass,
fill the space with seconds, minutes, then let’s see.
He wants words to fill the hour glass shaped space,
let time take care of itself.
In time, words fill the space.
Breathless, she says “enough” and turns to face a
canyon shaped space, with its rocks, and the shapes
of birds in search of upward drafts where air takes
the shape of warmth.
He decides to hold his breath, wanting more from her
than shapes and space and rocks and birds.
With breath and lips and tongue shaped words she asks
him what he wants. He tells her something solid,
some thing he can hold in his bone shaped hands.
Some thing he can believe in when words subside.
She offers him a heart shaped rock.
It reminds her that longing is a window in her heart.
She wants to belong, not be owned, just an end to longing.
He wants the owning, needs to be owned,
to bring the sky down like a blanket, wrap their lives in blue paper
and be the shape of the earth when it was young and lush.
She wants to be the shape of a canyon, a space where sky exists.
She wants to feel the weight of rock, to know the shape of solid space.
She wants to see the bird shaped sky rise on its heart shaped wings.
Do all lovers find love in lust and hope?
With just these things between them – this shape, this rock, this sky,
this angel of time and space.
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