There isn’t enough inside me anymore. All the words
came from a stream of consciousness that lasted
for five years. Now it is a dry gully, parched.
My thought patterns in couplets and tercets have
become singularly disconnected paper lanterns
lost in the wind or shredded in leftover imagination.

Now it is time to look outward. Now it is time
to face the world in all its confusion, mania, darkness
and terrible beauty.
There isn’t time to be overly cautious,
time has become a relentless companion
reminding and reminding as the slip of sand on glass
reverberates just beyond the horizon.

No more hiding behind the words, behind imagined
scenes, personalities, behind the calculations of the mind.
No, now is the time for engagement – reengagement
with the world as it presents itself to senses long
turned inward, atrophied, stunted, starved.
Today I will turn to the world outside.
Today I am in freefall from the safety of theory.
Today I will feel the ground beneath my feet
I will let that feeling be the story I tell at the end of the day.